Experiences and practice

Over the years I have covered many areas of translation; general topics, technical descriptions of products, handouts and manuals. I have also interpreted for hospitalised patients and clients dealing with foreign police authorities. I also have experience of translating within the legal field, covering criminal and common law as well as translating contracts, approvals, certificates etc. I can work under oath in the legal sector, however I am not a state appointed interpreter and therefore unable to provide legally approved translations.

District Court Cheb

   Interpretation at the court hearings

Czech - Turkish

 Nautilus Concept 

Interpreting at the legal offices and on construction site while opening a branch in Prague. Translation of mandatory documents.
Czech - Turkish

       IBM Slovakia 

    Business communication with Turkish departments via phone / e-mail


  Accenture s.r.o 

  Translations of internal documents.    
Interpretation and translation for the  branch transfer project in Istanbul.


    Kone Bratislava 

Language instructor for business Turkish 

Czech - Turkish

Experiences in a nutshell:

  • General translations (web pages, student theses, etc.)

  • Translations of manuals, products or machine descriptions

  • Translations from areas of psychology (research papers, articles)

  • Translations and interpreting in tourism sector

  • Accompanying and interpreting at legal offices

  • Interpreting at the court hearings

  • English language instructor for beginners 

  • Turkish language instructor for beginners

  • Cooperation with translation agencies

I am glad to offer you translation of one STP page completely free of charge for you to decide about the quality of the service.
No certificates and no practice will ever make me reach the level of a native 
speaker - I may get close to being 95% accurate, but I am very aware of it and so should be you.

STP = standard translation page - approx.  30 lines / 1800 characters including spaces.